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Relationships Are Critical

Charities in the U.S. lose about 50% of their donors after the first gift. 

Donors have invested their money and trust, and yet half of them go elsewhere. Those relationships must be nurtured for the sake of your mission. 

Let me show you how. 

Tracy Keys
Tracy Keys

Our journey starts here.

I coach animal rights and welfare nonprofits on donor retention and engagement to turn transactional giving into transformational relationships.

I am excited to share my experience to help your organization grow by implementing practices that will keep your donors engaged and eager to support your mission.


Podcast Appearance

Unexpected Activist Podcast

Consulting Services

Your mission is critical.

Let's Look At Where You Are

Do you have a steady revenue stream or are you constantly looking for more donors to replace those you've lost? Let's meet and look at your budget, programs, donor base and your fundraising goals.

Positioning You For Success

Whether you are a staff of one or one hundred, you need a roadmap to reach your goals. After I meet with you, we will create a realistic action plan to sharpen the focus on meaningful donor engagement.

My Fees

My consulting fees are determined by the project. They will depend on what is required to take you to the next level. I will provide you with a quote after the initial complimentary assessment.

Greatest success stories

What relationship building looks like.


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