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TKC Services

What I Can Do For You...

My model is a VIP Day. We will spend an entire day transforming your development efforts either in person or remotely. The day looks like this:


Comprehensive assessment of your current donor retention rate, acknowledgements, CRM, website’s donation page, and stewardship you are doing now. 


I will show you how to love on your donors in a way that will make them feel like a collaborator in your mission as opposed to being an ATM.  


I will create a six-month engagement calendar with a strategy and actions for each month. 


You will come away with the tools you need to retain your most precious assets – your donors. Deliverables include email welcome series copy, impact report, acknowledgement letter copy, systems for personalized stewardship of your major donors and resources for making your CRM work for you. 


Post-VIP Day, that’s what you’ll be doing! 


Ongoing services for a limited monthly retainer may include:

  • Fundraising campaign copy, newsletters, proposal letters
  • Grant research
  • Comprehensive website review and revisions
  • Strategy for a monthly giving program

Let's Start a Convo

Getting results by getting out of the weeds...

How do you scale growth?

By hiring an experienced consultant! Adding staff to the payroll is costly but you need to expand your bandwidth to grow and fulfill your mission. A road map is essential. Let's create one that will increase your donor retention and give you a reliable revenue stream.

What story does your 990 tell?

Your 990 Form tells the world what portion of your annual budget is being spent on the programs that justify your 501 (c) 3 status. Proper expense ratios are critical for grants and savvy donors will want to know how much you are spending on your mission. Let's look at how your expenses are being allocated.

Do your donors feel the love?

Do your donors know how their contributions are making an impact? Do they feel appreciated and valued? Let me help you create meaningful communication like impact reports, presentation decks and newsletter updates that inspire and inform.

Is your donor journey curated?

If your acknowledgment emails and letters are one-size-fits-all, you are missing a huge opportunity for increased funding. And, the retention rate won't likely increase. Stewardship is highly personal. Let me show you how to curate a fulfilling experience for your donors.

Are you going after grants?

Grant writing is time consuming and requires loads of research. However, there are millions of dollars that must be given away every year. If you don't apply, the answer is always no. I have applied for and won many successful grants. There's one out there with your name on it.

Are you proactive or reactive?

Time spent planning pays huge dividends. I know you're understaffed and there are not enough hours in the day. Let's create a 12-month game plan of action so you're ready to rock at every holiday and opportunity to show your most important assets - your donors - how much they matter to your mission.