Meet Ace cat. He hails from the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter (LBAS). Well, for us anyway. God only knows where he was born and who deposited him at the County Shelter where he stood a good chance of being euthanized. Fortunately LBAS takes animals when possible from other partner shelters. 

Just a few months old, Ace was exhibiting lameness in his back leg. Perhaps struck by a car? Mistreated in some way? We will never know. LBAS arranged for what is called a Femoral Head Ostectomy to be performed on the little guy, a safe and effective procedure done routinely on cats and small dogs, often done as an alternative to amputating the limb. The top of the femur is removed. I know, it’s gnarly to think about. 

Ace’s spirit and good nature shined throughout the entire process. 

As a shelter volunteer, I get to know the animals in our care depending on how long their stay is before being adopted. I was struck with Ace’s resilience and sweet disposition during the recovery phase and told my husband we were about to welcome another animal family member into our home. Did he resist? Hell no! He has learned the futility of that. And, he loves living with these little beings as much as I do. 

In December 2013 Ace moved in and his sweet, goofy personality made for a pretty easy integration with our menagerie. 

If you’re so inclined, I invite you to visit the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter and check out their nonprofit support group PUP Laguna Beach. PUP provides critical funding for surgeries and other needs so that adopters can take their forever animals home in the best possible shape with all medical needs handled before they ever leave the shelter.